Wolfgang Neubauer @ KAGes

We map our internal workflow very well using multi-client capability in Efficio. The automated key value reporting creates transparency for the board and accounting and motivates everyone involved.

>Monika Uhlemann @ Marketing and printing service provider mgo360

In Efficio, with the help of easy-to-create graphical evaluations, we can easily inform everyone involved and interested parties and raise awareness of our savings potential.

Denis Frickel @ Dental technology manufacturer Dentsply Sirona

We are constantly faced with the challenge of using as little energy as possible while delivering the highest quality. With Efficio we can do this every day!

Torsten Knuck @ Food manufacturer Wernsing Feinkost

Our annual energy audit for certification according to ISO 50001:2018 is significantly simplified in Efficio thanks to data collection, evaluation and proof of our energy savings.

Horst Stadler @ Textile manufacturer flags gardener

Thanks to energy controlling in Efficio, we now know how much energy is used in individual production areas and in the entire manufacturing process. We use these parameters to check all savings measures.

Leonhard Bachmann @ ROWE Mineralölwerk GmbH

We like that Efficio can be controlled via the network via the web from any computer, meaning that the collected data is available to the entire team. This makes it possible to get the complexity under control much more quickly.

Herbert Landsberg @ Stahlhersteller Warmwalzwerk Königswinter

Berg helped us to create a very stable and economical measuring point concept. The modular principle allows us to build and easily integrate new data platforms in the future.

Bodo Schwarz @ Household electronics manufacturer Rowenta Werke GmbH

Efficio provides transparent consumption analyzes for our calculation of key figures per steam iron produced. This allows us to better calculate the energy budget and plan ahead.

Johannes Heinzen @ Molkereigenossenschaft Arla Foods Deutschland

The Efficio analysis tool can do everything from measurement to evaluation. Our energy monitoring effort has decreased significantly while at the same time having a more detailed database.

Hubert Meier @ Dry building material and construction mortar producer RYGOL Baustoffwerk

The complete solution Efficio-Optimo scores points with its diverse control and expansion options. In our production we can now avoid performance peaks and make optimal use of high-load time windows.

Stefan Hasenöhrl @ Traditionsbrauerei Spaten-Franziskaner-Bräu

We finally have more resources available for other, more important activities. We put together daily, up-to-date evaluations and reports individually in order to quickly identify savings potential for the entire team.

Heiner Felder @ Laser technology manufacturer Coherent Inc.

Our production of excimer lasers for surface processing consumes more than 10 gigawatts, so even small savings are useful.

Hansjürgen Siemen @ Knowledge transfer campus Augsburg Innovation Park

Thanks to full transparency, we can define the appropriate energy consumption for certain user behavior and, for example, absorb short-term peak loads with our own photovoltaic system.

Björn Niemann @ Glass producer Pilkington Deutschland AG

The more precisely we know our energy consumption, the better we can predict load peaks. With Efficio-Optimo we are able to generate predicted and constant load curves.

Armin Lang @ Manufacturer of automation solutions Knapp AG

The easy integration into our existing infrastructure makes the Efficio software unbeatable. Detailed data recording and evaluation every 15 minutes helps us to achieve good savings effects.


Reference report Ceramtec GmbH

SOMETHING IS GOING ON – WITH THE CERAMIC EXPERTS Interview Berg GmbH with Christian Weber from CeramTec GmbH “It always goes towards saving energy and costs. Without this system, we may not have discovered many savings opportunities and would have burned money and energy unnecessarily.” -Christian Weber- Ceramtec has been active as a manufacturer of […]
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