Data loggers for periodic recording of meter readings, measured values or load values

BDL 50

Berg energy data loggers BDL 50 are designed for the time-synchronous recording and temporary storage of energy consumption information or measured values from M-Bus and Modbus/RTU measuring networks. As an M-Bus or Modbus/RTU master, they periodically retrieve meter readings, measured values or load values from the media meters or sensors and pass them on to the Efficio energy data acquisition and analysis system.
Depending on the number of counters or sensors to be recorded, the data logger can temporarily store the measured values and time stamps for several weeks.

The BDL 50 is designed with a level converter for connecting up to 50 M-Bus end devices (compliant with EN13757). Commissioning is carried out in a very simple and effective manner using an assistant in the Efficio software. In the first step, the network parameters are imported into the data logger via a USB stick. In the second step, Efficio finds connected meters or sensors and offers the measuring points for data storage.

    • BDL 50 M-Bus/Modbus data logger for the Efficio energy management system
    • Internal level converter for 50 M-Bus standard loads
    • Ethernet interface for network connection
    • 16 GB MicroSD archive memory for logging measured values
    • Minute-by-minute query of M-Bus – or Modbus/RTU – media meters (electricity, heat, water, compressed air, gas, …)
    • Compact design for DIN rail mounting
    Technical data
    Designation BDL 50
    Konformität CE 2006/95/EC Low Voltage Directive
    2014/30/EU EMV-Richtlinie
    Dimensions (W x H x D) 106,3 x 62 x 76,5 mm
    Housing material PC/ABS UL94-VO (self-extinguishing)
    Fastening Profile rail 35 mm or wall mounting
    Protection class IP20
    Potential separation Fieldbus, process level
    Temperature range 0˚C to 60˚C (operation)/-25…+70˚C (storage/transport)
    Humidity RH1 (without condensation, relative humidity 10…95%)
    Pollution Pollution degree 2
    Vibration/shock 1g, 9Hz…150Hz/15g, 11ms
    Supply voltage DC 24 V (DC 18…30 V permissible range) with reverse polarity protection
    Current consumption (max.) 200mA
    USB USB 2.0 (configuration data storage)
    Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s auto negotiation
    COM1 RS485, 300 – 115200 Baud (Modbus RTU)
    COM2 M-BUS Pegelwandler, 300 – 19200 Baud, max. 50 Lasten
    Archive data storage
    MicroSD 16GByte
    Variants and tender texts
    BDL 50 Item number: 003386
    Data logger for querying every minute or quarter of an hour

    M-Bus or Modbus/RTU media meters, e.g. electricity, water, heat and gas meters in a Modbus or M-Bus network

    Hour counter for installation and measurement time

    Operating conditions according to EN 61131-2
    Operating temperature: 0 … +50 °C, relative. Humidity 10 … 95%
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Skalar.pro Universal Datenlogger

The Skalar.Pro Universal data logger has been designed for the recording of the current meter readings and the reading of data storage from electricity meters. Thanks to the integrated synchronization function, it cyclically synchronizes the real-time clocks of Berg DCLi meters and thus creates the basis for standard-compliant meter reading recording according to PTB-A 50.7.
For third-party quantity delimitation, up to 16 DCLi meters can be connected serially per skalar.pro. If required, an M-Bus level converter for up to eight DCMi M-Bus meters and a pulse acquisition module for up to four DCi S0 pulse counters can be integrated into the surface-mounted housing.

The scalar.pro creates virtual load ranges from the recorded meter readings of the DCMI or the pulse of the DCI electricity meters in the 15 min time grid and, together with the selected meter scale from the DCLI, places them in its long -term memory in the CSV format.
The loading gears are transferred in programmable time intervals through the universal data logger via network or mobile radio to a SFTP server or directly to the energy data management software Efficio in push mode and form the basis for continuous or standard -compliant recording of the connected consumption meters.
The consumption meter type, the format of the storage files and their sending are pre-parameterized via the web server integrated in skalar.pro. For the connection of meters from third-party providers, optional templates can be created by Berg’s service department.

    • Data logger for submetering and third-party quantity recording
    • Parameterizable via integrated web GUI
    • Memory reading and time synchronization of 16 DCLi meters
    • Standard-compliant transmission of meter readings according to PTB-A 50.7
    • Acquisition of up to eight DCMi M-Bus and four DCi pulse counters
    • Converter for the creation of 15min load profiles in csv format
    • 2 GB long -term archive memory for meter levels
    • Ethernet interface for network connection
    • LTE mobile radio module for decentralized data loggers
    • Surface-mounted housing with three-point mounting (top-hat rail adapter on request)
    Technical data
    Material Insules for clamping cover mounting according to DIN 43857
    Fire protection UL94-V0
    Dimensions LWH 176 x 107 x 65 mm
    Operating and storage conditions
    Protection class IP51 according to DIN EN 60529 (VDE 0470-1)
    Pollution level 2 according to DIN EN 60950-1
    Storage temperature -40°C… + 70°C
    Operating temperatur -25°C… + 55°C
    Rel. Humidity range 10% …95% (nicht kondensierend)
    Power supply
    Nominal voltage 100 -230 Vac +/-10% nach DIN EN 50160
    Rated frequency 50 Hz +/- 15%
    Maximum power consumption 8,5 Watt
    Overvoltage category III
    Surge resistance 4 kV
    Mains connection Connection terminals up to 4 mm² (rigid) or 2.5 mm² (flexible)
    Entrances optionally via PRM44 module, four active inputs for S0 counters, 13V (no-load voltage), 12 mA (no-load current), 1 kOhm (max. load), terminal connection 1.5 mm² (rigid and flexible), max. 3m cable
    Cellular SMA (female) antenna connection, Mini-SIM card reader for 1.8V and 3.0V SIM cards for GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz and UMTS/HSPA+ 850/900/2100 MHz
    Ethernet® interfaces RJ45 (8P8C) 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX nach IEEE 802.3, Auto-Crossover
    Serial interface RS485 half duplex configurable via software Modbus RTU, 300 – 115,200 bit/s, max. 1,200 m cable length
    (optional) M-Bus DIN EN 13757-2 (DIN EN 1434)
    M-Bus master for 8 standard loads, 300-4,800 bit/s
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    SKALAR.PRO LTE Item number: 004870
    Data logger with LTE mobile communications incl. Additional software for querying 16 DCLi electricity meters with quarter-hour precision. Transmits time series in FTP/FTPs push mode.
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    SKALAR.PRO ETHN MBus PRM44 Item number: 004874
    Data logger with network connection including additional software for querying 16 DCLi electricity meters, 8 M-Bus and 4 S0 pulse meters with quarter-hour accuracy. Transmits time series in FTP/FTPs push mode.
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    SKALAR.PRO LTE MBus PRM44 Item number: 004875
    Data logger with LTE mobile communications including additional software for querying 16 DCLi electricity meters, 8 M-Bus and 4 S0 pulse meters with quarter-hour accuracy. Transmits time series in FTP/FTPs push mode.
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    SKALAR.PRO ETHN Item number: 004869
    Data logger with network connection incl. Additional software for querying 16 DCLi electricity meters with quarter-hour precision. Transmits time series in FTP/FTPs push mode.
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LTE M-Bus Master

The LTE M-Bus Master energy data logger is designed to provide utility companies, service companies and heating network operators with a highly flexible and efficient system for automated remote meter data reading. It reads and saves the data from a maximum of 16 directly connectable M-BUS devices. The data transfer is carried out automatically via LTE in push mode without the intervention of host software and thus enables a very powerful remote data transmission solution for M-Bus. The variable data remote transmission formats allow the effective integration of the meter data into a wide variety of system landscapes.

    • Direct connection, reading and saving of meter data from 16 M-Bus meters
    • Integrated IR interface for cascading extender modules CMeX for connecting up to 256 M-Bus devices
    • Reading and saving meter data from any meter using the M-Bus protocol in accordance with EN 13757-3
    • M-Bus data logger functionality with storage depth of up to 5000 M-Bus meter data sets
    • Remote data transmission (mobile communications 2G/3G/LTE) via email, FTP, HTTP, SMS
    • Sending flexible data reports as well as user-specific reports and status messages
    • Configurable via SMS, HTTP and Telnet
    • Possibility of remote maintenance and updating of the firmware via the OTAP Java™ standard
    Technical data

    Frequency bandquad Band GSM 850/900/1900 MHZGSM database 14.4 BPS, V.110, In non-transparent modusgPrs data class 12, used up to class 8e-mailüber SMTPTPSTPSTPSTPSTPSTPSTPSTPSPARD HTTP Client, Post & Getbanslandard HTTP Client, Post & Test transparent M-Bus-over Static IP/TCP protection classic classic dimensions (W x H x D) 100 x 65 x 36 mm weight20 GmontageArhutschienstschiensmontenschmensungspfung supply100-240 VAC, 50/60 HZ-power intake< 2.5 W max. Operating temperature 5 ° C… 55 ° Clagert temperature0 ° C… 55 ° Cumbing conditions inhousem bus 13757-2 /-3. M-Bus decoder embeddedM-Bus baud rate300 and 2400 baudMax. M-Bus meter 16 standard loads / expansion through ExtenderMax. Cable length 1000 mM bus connection plug-in terminal for solid conductors 0.6-0.8 Ø mm data storage 1.3 MB storage depth max. 5000 counter data sets Possible logger intervals 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30min, 1h, 12h, day, week, month

    Variants and tender texts
    CME 2100 LTE LOGGER Item number: 004925
    LTE M-Bus master data logger for querying M-Bus meters or sensors every minute or quarter hour. Number of M-Bus sensors: max. 16 standard loads of 1.5 mA Number of configurable M-Bus variables: max. 128
    Power supply: 100-240 VAC (+-10%), 50-60 Hz
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